About us

About Us

Your success is our success!

We want to make renting a PCO car as simple and personal as driving your own. Our founders had the simple idea of wanting to make renting cars much better. We’ve flourished because our customers love how we work. We understand being a professional driver is hard work and that’s why we make hiring a PCO car as easy as possible. 

We started in 2004 as small company with only a dozen cars and through over a decade of hard work and labour we are one of the leading PCO hire companies in London with an ever expanding fleet. We place emphasis on the quality of service we provide above everything else because we believe once you achieve this, the rest will follow. 

We’re proud to be part of the leading family of Car brands in the world having purchased our own cars from the likes of Mercedes Benz, Toyota and Volkswagen.

Meet Our Team

Our amazing growth relies on our fantastic team, below you can see what makes them special and a little crazy in their own way. We hand-picked the perfect cars for the trade as well as the car people for the trade combined we have more then 40 years of PCO industry experience so you know you’ll be looked after by the best.

Fleet Management

Sufian is our in-house technical wiz, he makes sure the cars are all up to scratch and fully ready for hire. He loves speed and is a huge car enthusiast making him perfect to deal with our


Mohamed is in charge of sales making sure the best quote is tailored for each client and he has many perks to give to our clients. He loves adrenaline and bikes making him perfect to serve anyone who calls ensuring the best service.

Vehicle Servicing

Sati is our in-house vehicle servicing guy whenever the cars are due for any maintenance work he will carry out any job that’s required. He is a proud Punjabi DJ so this traditional rickshaw is his ride for his Friday night gigs.

Head of Accounts

Arfeen manages the accounts, plain and simple he has a wealth of experience to guide us through our decisions and also making the process simple for our clients to be up to date with payments. He loves carrying his bag around the office just in case you see him if he isn’t tucked away in his corner.

IT Technician

Atif looks after any trouble the computers cause and trust us they cause a lot of trouble but Atif’s always here to save the day. He is a tank that overcomes any obstacle (like the tank) so that nothing affects the customers time with us and so far nothing has.


Tahmina is our small bubbly team member who will look after all queries throughout your time with us making sure any problems or questions can be resolved easily. If you see her you’ll know why she looks like this car.

Accident Specialist

Shaun has been with us from the start of the story, he is a specialists when it comes to accidents and manages all our clients who have had accidents to ensure their safety and financial benefit. Shaun is an old school van man gets the job done.

Business Development

Habib has brought the business strength to strength and is in charge of our expansion and vision for the future, we know technically that’s not a car but he is a sailor on the unexplored seas and adventurer into the deep at heart.

Accounting Assistant

Zamira is the accounting assistant you may have spoken to this very polite lady if you have had any accounting issues. As a mum of 3 she is soft and kind to deal with your queries at hand.

Behind The Scenes Admin

Sonya is our resident do everything girl, she helps every department with their tasks and is really talented. She is also an avid traveller hence the scooter she just likes to have fun.