About us

About Us

Your success is our success!

Pace Hire began with a simple yet important idea; how do we make the life of the PCO driver as simple as possible? We wanted to make the process of renting a car straightforward and satisfying. Alongside that, it was vital that our customers would see this as something personally tailored to them; each person has their own taste in cars, their own financial and career-based reasons for renting a vehicle, and their own budgets to follow.

With the above in mind, we started in 2004, a small company with just a dozen cars to our name. But with a professional team, hard work and invaluable experience, we’ve been able to transform our company into one of the leading PCO hire companies in London. For example, whilst we have a very large fleet, it’s one which emphasises quality rather than quantity; a diverse range of vehicles which will satisfy all types of drivers. Alongside that, we’ve developed our customer service over the last decade to an incredible standard, ensuring that those who rent from us are a phone call away from advice, repairs and more.

Pace Hire is also proud to have a fleet containing the leading car brands of the world today; vehicles from Mercedes Benz, Toyota and Volkswagen are perfect for the PCO hire career, and we always strive to have the latest models available. From technological advancements to the best in interior and exterior style, new vehicles go down well with both the driver and their customer!

Meet the Team

Our company is only as good as our team – and luckily, we have a fantastic bunch! With a combined level of experience stretching back over 40 years, each team member has been handpicked to make things run as smoothly and effectively as possible. Have a read of their bios below and see the family you’ll be joining!

Fleet Management

Sufian is our in-house technical whiz kid, making sure each car is up to scratch and ready to hire. Should any hiccups occur during your work, he’ll also be first on the scene to diagnose the problem and get things right as rain again! Being a speed-loving car enthusiast, Sufian was our perfect choice for fleet management.


Part of our customer service satisfaction is providing each person with the best quote for them – tailored to the specific needs, such that we ensure it will be the best offer around. Mohamed is an expert in this, making each customer feel special and working to give them the figures they need. Mohamed is not only known to bring joy not only to his customers but to the Pace Hire team, alongside the significant increase of sales for the company.

Vehicle Servicing

By day, Sati is our in-house vehicle-servicing guy, providing excellent maintenance on any niggles or faults which might occur with our vehicles. By night, he’s a proud Punjabi DJ, roaming the streets with his trusty rickshaw!

Head of Accounts

With a wealth of experience in the finance sector, Arfeen manages accounts with ease, guiding us through the decision-making purpose. If you have any concerns regarding up to date payments, he’ll provide you with a quick solution.

IT Technician

Computer malfunctions can be most troublesome, normally occurring at the worst possible time! Luckily for us, if the computers do start trouble, we have Atif to save the day. He rises to the occasion for every IT-based obstacle, minimizing any effects on a customer’s time.


The admin process can be quite plain; thankfully, Tahmina is a warm, bubbly individual who makes you feel welcome, and treats your queries seriously. In Tahmina’s hands, you’ll always feel your questions and problems will be solved.

Accident Specialist

We’re proud to have Shaun as one of the founding members of Pace Hire. A specialist in the areas of accidents, Shaun works hard to ensure the safety of all our clients, as well as bringing them financial benefit. He’s a traditional, straight talking guy who delivers the results!

Business Development

Habib is the company’s visionary, expanding our business & bringing it from strength to strength. The company is indebted to Habib’s efforts, & we look forward to seeing how he can take the company even further.

Accounting Assistant

Zamira is a soft, kind individual who will deal with your accounting queries amicably & successfully. our customers will speak to considering any accounting issues. Financial discussions can be sensitive, but Zamira will leave you satisfied with your situation.

Behind The Scenes Admin

Sonya is our resident problem solver, helping every department with their tasks & challenges. As well as possessing all the necessary skills to save the day, Sonya is an avid traveller, having fun with her trustworthy scooter wherever she goes!