Frequently Asked Questions


After Hire

How will the car be checked in after hire ?

We check back cars using a specialised system. It enables us to limit human error by comparing images of the car before it was given out. We do all this so that you are not blamed unreasonably for any damage.

How much will I be charged for damage ?

Unlike other companies, we do not overcharge for damage. We charge at the cost price of repairing the damage and its even more cheaper because we get trade discounts. Rest assured, treating you fairly is our top priority.

I want to provide feedback on the hire ?

We welcome your feedback, whether it be good or bad. We will always try our best to make sure you get the very best of service from us

What is the minimum hire period ?

The minimum hire period is 12 weeks for a PCO Vehicle.


Do you provide breakdown cover ?

Yes, breakdown cover is included in all quotations. You will be guided on the number to call should you have the need and of course our emergency numbers is always available

What to do in case of an accident ?

We suggest that in the case of an accident, you call us straight away! If for any reason you are unable to contact us then you will need to do the following steps :

  1. Park up in a safe place if need be
  2. Call an ambulance/police if required
  3. Write down the registration, make and model of the other vehicle
  4. Get details from the other party including names, phone number, insurance details and address
  5. Take loads of pictures!
  6. Take details of any witnesses
  7. Don’t admit liability or discuss it with the other party
  8. Call us the first chance you get.

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