PCO Hire Cars London

PCO Hire Cars London

Looking for a PCO car hire car in London has never been easier, with our tried and tested range of vehicles and having been around for 14 years, we’re pretty confident our fleet will meet all your requirements. Our fleet is designed to offer you vehicles which are best suited for all PCO work taking into account fuel consumption, space and most of all reliability.

We understand working as a private hire driver can be very difficult, that is why hiring and maintaining a vehicle should not be. Our in house servicing department takes great pride in ensuring our vehicles are always fit for purpose and maintained to the highest quality, giving you complete peace of mind and allowing you to carry on working stress free.

Maintaining a PCO vehicle can be time consuming, MOT’s twice a year, servicing, brake pads, insurance, claims, tryes…. Just a few things that need to be done to maintain a PCO car and the precisely why drivers choose to hire with Pace hire, we can take care of all the headache allowing you to concentrate and focus on what matters most.

Why Choose Us

Eyes Witness Protection

Our vehicles have external dash cams to
protect you in the event
of claim

Ready To Go!

All cars are valeted and PCO approved, they are also Uber ready which means you can pick up a car and start working straight away.


Servicing is included on our vehicles. There
are no extra charges – not even for tyres or